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10ml multi dose vial

Per ml:

Melatonin 1mg

GABA 50mg

L-Arginine 50mg

Glutamine 15mg


Melatonin:Regulates sleep-wake cycle

Signals body it’s time to sleepImproves sleep quality

Reduces time to fall asleepUseful for jet lag or shift work

A natural hormone produced by the pineal gland

Supports healthy sleep patterns

Safe for short-term use

May help with insomnia

Enhances sleep onset and duration

GABA: Calms the mindReduces anxiety and stress

Promotors relaxation

Supports deeper sleep stages

Regulates sleep-wake cycle

Acts as a neurotransmitter

Improves sleep quality

Enhances overall sleep architecture

Helps with insomnia

Can aid in falling asleep faster

L-Arginine:Stimulates growth hormone release

Supports blood flow

Promotes relaxation

Enhances sleep quality

increases sleep efficiency

Supports overall cardiovascular health

May reduce snoring

Helps healthy sleep patterns

Improves circulation

Potentiates sleep-inducing neurotransmitters

Glutamine:Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue

Supports muscle recovery during sleep

Enhances immune function

Promotes gut health

May alleviate insomnia symptoms

Supports overall sleep quality

Enahnces tissue repair during sleep

Important for neurotransmitter synthesis

Helps maintain nitrogen balance

May aid in regulating sleep-wake cycle


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