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Taurine 50mg/ml


General Information: Studies strongly suggest that taurine supplementation, even when taken short-term; may support better physical function, mitigate the cardiovascular risks that can be present after exercising, and improve issues associated with heart failure.

Taurine may accomplish this by reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure. Some research suggests that taurine may calm the nervous system and even improve the function of the left ventricle of the heart. 

Although more studies must be conducted to confirm these benefits; the research already conducted is promising for anyone concerned with cardiac health or suffering from heart disease.

A meta-analysis review published in the journal Food & Function found, after analyzing animal and human studies; that taurine has an effective action against the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

The study found that Taurine may reduce triglycerides, prevent obesity, improving insulin resistance, regulate glucose metabolism, lower cholesterol, and reduce blood pressure.


A 10ml Multidose Vial of Taurine dosed at 50mg/ml.


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