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All your essential amino acid needs in one 50ml vial.

Per ml:

L leucine 250mg

L valine 110mg

L lysine 110mg

L phenylalanine 90mg

L threonine 75mg

L isoleucine 45mg

L histidine 35mg

L methionine 25mg

L tryptophan 10mg


– L-leucine: Stimulates muscle protein synthesis, crucial for muscle growth and repair during exercise.
– L-valine: Supports energy production and muscle metabolism, aiding endurance and reducing fatigue during workouts.
– L-lysine: Plays a role in collagen synthesis, supporting muscle tissue repair and recovery after exercise.
– L-phenylalanine: Precursor to neurotransmitters like dopamine, supporting focus and motivation during workouts.
– L-threonine: Essential for forming proteins, promoting muscle maintenance and recovery post-exercise.
– L-isoleucine: Enhances glucose uptake into muscles, providing energy and supporting endurance during physical activity.
– L-histidine: Aids in buffering lactic acid buildup, reducing muscle fatigue and improving exercise performance.
– L-methionine: Supports the production of creatine, important for energy production during high-intensity exercise.
– L-tryptophan: Precursor to serotonin, promoting mood regulation and reducing perceived exertion during exercise.


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