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GDF-8 95% 1mg


GDF-8 is a propeptide that is designed to inhibit naturally occurring myostatin. Myostatin is an important protein that works to prevent the growth and development of muscle cells [1]. Animals such as the Belgian blue bull produce less myostatin than other breeds of cow and this is responsible for the breeds extremely lean, hyper-sculpted, ultra-muscular physique due to an increased number of muscle fibres [2]. GDF-8 works by binding myostatin so that it cannot be activated, which prevents it from binding to its own receptors [3].These receptors normally function to switch off muscle growth when myostatin is bound, but because the binding is blocked by GDF-8 then muscle growth can continue unrestricted. It has been shown that the lack of myostatin gives rise to significant increases in muscle mass in both humans and animals. Also in bone, the lack of myostatin has been shown to increase bone mineral density. Animal studies using GDF-8 showed increases in muscle and bone repair in a model of tissue injury, suggesting that the peptide can be used to repair damaged muscle and bone [4]. The peptide has also been investigated for its potential in treating the muscle wasting disorder Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy.

GDF-8 needs to be completely reconstituted in BAC water and administered at a dose of 20 mcg/kg. This concentration has been shown to generate optimal muscle gains in animal studies. The peptide is stable once injected and has a half-life of around 5 days. It is recommended to administer GDF-8 via subcutaneous injection, but the peptide can also be dosed intramuscularly. Based on the extended half-life of the peptide it should be used every five days over a 25-day period.

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– GDF-8 is a potent myostatin blocker.

– Myostatin is a naturally occurring protein that limits the growth and production of new muscle cells in the body.

– Unlock new growth with our high purity GDF-8 and see your gains reach new levels.

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